The Perfect Summer Playsuit


Nothing says “summer” quite like a cute little dress or playsuit. While women and girls have always had a love affair with summer dresses (from flirty florals to colour-blocks, micro-minis to floaty-maxis), playsuits have enjoyed a definite resurgence in popularity in the last couple of seasons.

What is a playsuit? Put simply, it’s an all-in-one garment reminiscent of onesie pyjamas. The playsuit was first popular as women’s wear in the 1930’s, and many a Hollywood goddess adopted the stylish yet fun look. The shorter cousin of the jumpsuit, it is shorts-length in the legs and can be long-sleeved, short-sleeved, sleeveless, or even strapless.

The playsuit has gone in and out of style ever since, being particularly popular in the 1950’s and the 1970’s; silky items were worn in the evening, while daywear saw jersey and even terry-cloth garments.

Playsuits are again at the forefront of summer style!

Most of us would remember wearing playsuits as children. But don’t be fooled: playsuits are NOT just for kids – or even just for adolescent girls.

While it’s true that many playsuits are perfectly “suited” to young, lithe girls, there are certainly no rules to suggest that women, even into middle age, can’t also carry off the look in a classy way. It’s all about choosing a piece that is age-appropriate, figure-appropriate, and occasion-appropriate.

Follow these tips:

  • Make sure your playsuit fits properly. A playsuit shouldn’t be too tight. It should feel comfortable and be relaxed in its fit – so if necessary to achieve this, buy a size up rather than down.
  • Buy to fit your body length – if you are tall, a smaller size might result in a wedgie; while if you are short, a larger size might be too baggy around the hips and buttocks.
  • Choose a light and drapey fabric – one that is fluid and not shiny (unless you are very thin).
  • Do you feel comfortable? You might be someone who loves wearing a playsuit to the movies or dinner – or perhaps it works better for you as beach wear. If you are comfortable wearing a short skirt, a playsuit should work beautifully for you!
  • Playsuits are available in an array of leg lengths. If you’re a little older, or are curvier, a leg length closer to mid-thigh may work better and be more flattering. If the legs are really short, perhaps go for a longer sleeve for a more flattering look.
  • Consider your shape. If you have larger breasts, a V-neck style is flattering. Balance a top-heavy body with fluted shorts. Balance a pear shape with embellishments or volume at the neckline. Honour an hourglass shape with tailoring and belted styles. If you are very petite, avoid larger print designs. If you’re wide through the waist, go for a roomy style in a solid colour and with a small belt.
  • A belt can work wonders. A belted, higher waistband on a playsuit can create the illusion of longer legs.
  • Layer your playsuit with a light cardigan or even a kimono. Dress it up or down with accessories and footwear.

There really is a playsuit to flatter all body types – providing you’re happy to show a little leg. Some playsuits even look like cute dresses. Here at, we have some gorgeous playsuits in store – and we know you’ll be delighted to find one you love. What could be easier than buying your playsuit online?

Try on a playsuit. You might be surprised just how flattering it is – and how much you will love wearing it!

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